Death of Psychology: Rebirth in the 21st Century

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In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute
Dr. R. Michael Fisher, is a fearologist and educator who has taken a very unique path to the study and applications of the powerful (often dominating) field of knowledge of Psychology. He introduces viewers to the "death of psychology" and critique of psychology by psychologists of the brightest minds throughout modern history, like Friedrich Nietzsche, Otto Rank, Harvey Jackins, Abraham Maslow, James Hillman, Fox and Prilletensky, Ken Wilber and concludes the discussion with Desh Subba's fearism psychology and his own fearlessness psychology as essential for the crises times we are heading into as humanity and as a planetary ecosystem. The purpose of this video is to help serious learners understand why it is essential to have critical ways to both use and critique Psychology and its Power in an Age of Psychology (since the 19th century). He says we are sitting on the abyss of an exciting death and rebirth of psychology, where a new Fearlessness Psychology is awaiting to be developed to guide us through the Dark Time ahead.
fearlessness psychology, Ken Wilber, Otto Rank