Formative Assessment Strategies in Online Courses

In this video I discuss formative feedback in graduate online classes based on a study of my own teaching practice. I asked the graduate students to write a research proposal and, after completing a short project, a research report. They worked in groups of 3-4 (aka studio groups) and provided each other with feedback on drafts of both documents. As the instructor, I provided feedback on each student's draft, after their studio group had reviewed it. Two research assistants coded the drafts and final documents to determine the nature of the feedback students gave and how much (quantity) and to what extent (quality) did they take up that feedback. I was curious if they would prefer the feedback from the instructor or that of their peers. To learn what we found out, please watch the video.
Formative feedback, assessment for learning, assessment literacy, graduate education, online learning, action research
Dressler, R. (2021). Formative Assessment Strategies in Online Courses (learning object). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.