Las obras compartidas de Octavio Paz: práctica y poética de la colaboración

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Beginning with the observation that collaborative projects by Octavio Paz (1914-1998) and other writers and visual artists have not yet been addressed in a comprehensive way in literary criticism, I propose the need for a detailed study of these same works. My main research questions involve the relationship of Paz’s collaborative writings to his entire oeuvre. This thesis accentuates the voices and contributions of individuals who worked with Paz throughout his career, drawing in part on personal interviews I have conducted with some of Paz’s collaborators. The first chapter delineates a theory of collaboration based on prose writings by Paz, Dámaso Alonso, Harold Bloom and Gabriel Zaid. Closely related to Paz’s poetics of otherness, this theory in fact sheds light on all of Paz’s writing. I examine the mechanics and ethics of collaboration in *Discos visuales* (with Vicente Rojo), *Renga* (with Jacques Roubaud, Edoardo Sanguineti and Charles Tomlinson), *3 Notations/3 Rotations* (with Toshihiro Katayama) *Airborn/Hijos del aire* (with Charles Tomlinson), *Figuras y figuraciones* (with Marie José Paz) and two uncollected poems (“Festín lunar” with Fouad el-Etr and “Poema de la amistad” with Agyeya and Shikrant Verma). This allows me to discuss relationships between bodies of writing as well as between writing and visual representations, since Rojo, Katayama and Marie José Paz all work in visual mediums. I also base an analysis of four of Paz’s solo poems on the poetics of collaboration (“Solo a dos voces”, “Homenaje y profanaciones”, “Respuesta y reconciliación. Diálogo con Francisco de Quevedo” and “Hermandad”). In the conclusion I consider how Paz’s tireless practice and theory of translation also contribute to an overall poetics of collaboration in the sense of homage, influence and rewriting. The thesis concludes with another proposed poetics that can be seen as a continuation or evolution of the poetics of collaboration.
Literature--Latin American
Dunsmoor, H. A. (2013). Las obras compartidas de Octavio Paz: práctica y poética de la colaboración (Doctoral thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/26728