The Conceptualizations of Educators Regarding Multimodal, Embodied Literacy Experiences in Early Years Classrooms Within a French Immersion Context: An Exploratory Case Study

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Experience with language plays a key role in language development for French immersion students. Multimodal, embodied literacy experiences are critical elements of language growth; thus it is imperative for educators to recognize their role in the development of language learning. Teachers can capitalize on children’s playful curiosities, explorations, and creations by recognizing their role in a child’s language journey and bringing considerations of children’s everyday desires into their pedagogical practice. The purpose of this study was to see how early years (kindergarten and grade 1) educators conceptualize multimodal, embodied learning experiences in their French immersion classrooms. Eight early years teachers were interviewed using semistructured interviews to inquire into their pedagogical practices. All of the teachers discussed the ways in which they create multimodal, embodied experiences to assist their students with language development. However, although the teachers reported affording their students these opportunities, none of them referred to these pedagogical experiences as multimodal or embodied literacies. Finally, teachers did not seem to separate oral or physical experiences from one another; teachers viewed that movement and voice must occur simultaneously for students to grasp the language activity. Lastly, none of the teachers agreed on the specific difficulties experienced by French immersion students, but unanimously stated that there is a substantial lack of resources for immersion educators. This void could be filled by multimodal, embodied literacy practices that students practice naturally throughout the day.
posthumanism, multimodality, embodiment, French immersion, early years education
Novosel-Ulbrich, S. (2021). The conceptualizations of educators regarding multimodal, embodied literacy experiences in early years classrooms within a French immersion context: an exploratory case study (Doctoral thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from