Performance of multistage-fractured horizontal wells with secondary discrete fractures in heterogeneous tight reservoirs

Abstract A significant portion of tight sandstone reservoirs commonly displays intricate fluvial channels or fault systems. Despite various attempts at analytical/semi-analytical modeling of multistage-fractured horizontal wells (MFHWs) in unconventional reservoirs, the majority of studies have focused on scenarios with homogeneous original physical properties, neglecting cases where MFHWs traverse multiple regions in channelized heterogeneous reservoirs. Comprehending the influence of heterogeneous and leaky faults on the performance of MFHWs is essential for efficient development. This study presents an innovative semi-analytical model to analyze the pressure transient behavior of MFHWs with secondary fractures as they traverse multiple regions in banded channel heterogeneous reservoirs, particularly considering the presence of partially-communicating faults. The approach combines the source method and Green’s function method to obtain solutions, introducing a novel technique for discretizing fractures without discretizing interfaces. The effects of the reservoir heterogeneity, partially-communicating faults and fractures system on pressure behavior are analyzed. The results indicate that the pressure behavior of MFHWs passing through regions with different physical properties exhibits distinctive characteristics, differing from both the homogeneous case and the heterogeneous cases where the well does not traverse distinct regions. Permeability heterogeneity influences the curves of all other flow regimes, except the early and late flow regimes. Faults affect transient pressure behavior only when not positioned in the middle of each two primary fractures. Region area heterogeneity primarily influences the medium flow regimes. This work provides valuable insights into the performance of MFHWs in channelized heterogeneous reservoirs, offering technical support for well testing in these reservoirs.