Framework for the development of resilience

The strategies found in the study "Promoting resilience in post-secondary students: A case study" by Jhonattan Bello, were presented in a logical procedure to be implemented in the classroom. This framework represents the approach of instructors when they facilitated the promotion of resilience. The framework for the development of resilience starts with the creation of a safe environment with trusting relationships. Then spend some time finding the purpose or meaningful goal that will allow students and instructors to think about the path to follow and set some realistic expectations about the process to get there. Once students have focused on a meaningful goal and started the journey, many adversities will become more evident. Sharing stories and creating a plan that integrates the resources and experiences found in those stories will also become a crucial tool for the process of resilience. Instructors will support students all the time by modelling flexible thinking and showing ways to navigate the resources needed to succeed. This figure is a resulting piece from the "Emergent themes for the development of resilience" figure created by Jhonattan Bello
Resilience, Framework for the development of resilience, Framework, Development, Mental health
Bello, J. (2022). Framework for the development of resilience [Figure].