Fostering Student Success in Online Courses

The pandemic had a disruptive impact on teaching and learning in higher education. For many, the transition to online learning presented enormous challenges, individually and collectively. Many of us sought immediate strategies to support student learning and success in an online context. We experienced many successes and failures along the way. This Guide provides an inspiring collection of scholarly reflections and approaches to supporting meaningful course learning opportunities for students and postsecondary educators, in online environments. The guide contains nine chapters contributed by members of the Teaching Academy from across disciplines involved in undergraduate and/or graduate instruction, writing solo or with collaborators, to highlight an aspect of their teaching that leverages the online environment to enhance student learning. Each of these chapters offers sage, pragmatic descriptions of course contexts, design considerations, and implementation, for online assessments (Chapter 1, 4), for innovative learning activities (Chapter 2, 6), for flexible course design (Chapter 5, 7), for engaging large classes (Chapter 8), for facilitating group work (Chapter 9), and for intentionally addressing the need for students to flourish (Chapter 3). Importantly, for the reader, each chapter shares the wisdom of practice of the author/s, discussing implications of use and giving concrete recommendations for those who are thinking of applying similar strategies.
Teaching and Learning, Mentorship, Guide, Online, Course, Blended
Aparicio-Ting, F., Arcellana-Panlilio, M., Bensler, H., Brown, B., Clancy, T. L., Dyjur, P., Radford, S., Redwood, C., Roberts, V., Sabbaghan, S., Schroeder, M., Summers, M. M., Tézli, A., Wilks, L., & Wright, A. C. (2023). Fostering student success in online courses (M. Arcellana-Panlilio, P. Dyjur and A. C. Wright, Eds.). Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning Guide Series, University of Calgary.