G-Strokes: A Concept for Simplifying Line Stylization

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In previous systems, only very few line properties have been used for stylization in line rendering. This is due to a complicated handling and two-way dependency of these properties and the stages of the stylization pipeline. In this paper we propose the concept of G-strokes to efficiently deal with these and many more stroke properties. This new concept allows a much simpler way of representing and handling various line properties and stylization stages. By this we make it easy to enrich the set of line stylization means by adding more properties and stylization stages and, thus, allowing more freedom and creativity for generating expressive line drawings. We show a number of possible G-strokes using both simple and complex examples to demonstrate the power of our approach.
Tobias Isenberg and Angela Brennecke. G-Strokes: A Concept for Simplifying Line Stylization. Technical Report 2005-780-11, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary, Canada, April 2005.