Collaboration in an Information Commons: key elements for successful support of eliteracy

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ItalicsInnovation in Teaching And Learning in Information and Computer Sciences
Information Commons service models generally include some element(s) of collaboration, whether it is for the delivery of technical support, e-literacy instruction, face to face and virtual services, integrated learning support or other innovative service delivery programs designed to support and enhance learning. Establishing a successful Information Commons facility requires strategic thinking and positioning as well as tactical or short term planning. Strategic thinking and planning are essential to ensure that the facility and associated services are strongly aligned with the institutional mission, strategy and values. It facilitates the development of collaborative ventures as it presents a campus-wide rather than a unit-centric view. Tactical planning, on the other hand, will develop the detailed operational plans and procedures required for a smooth running service. This article will look at different Information Commons models, outline the strategic and operational processes required when establishing a successful collaborative information commons environment and present case studies of two Information Commons with different service models and collaborative support for e-literacy.
Library & Information Science, Information Commons
Italics, Dec. 2006 v. 5, no. 4