Systematic Construction of Natural Deduction Systems for Many-valued Logics: Extended Report

We exhibit a construction principle for natural deduction systems for arbitrary finitely-many-valued first order logics. These systems are systematically obtained from sequent calculi, which in turn can be extracted from the truth tables of the logics under consideration. Soundness and cut-free completeness of these sequent calculi translate into soundness, completeness and normal form theorems for the natural deduction systems.
Unpublished longer version of a paper in: Proc. 23rd International Symposium on Multiple Val- ued Logic, Sacramento, CA, May 24–28, 1993, IEEE Press
natural deduction, sequent calculus, normal form, cut-free derivation, many-valued logic
Baaz, M., Fermuller, C., & Zach, R. Systematic construction of natural deduction systems for many-valued logics: Extended report. [Unpublished technical report]. 1993.