Order and Light: The Architecture of Two Benedictine Abbey Churches in Western Canada: Westminster Abbey, Mission, B.C., and St Peter’s Abbey, Muenster, Saskatchewan

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Two Benedictine abbeys for men in western Canada are graced with remarkable abbey churches designed by gifted architects sympathetic to Benedictine principles and ideals. The goal of this article is to discuss the character and assess the significance of the architecture of these two abbey churches—Westminster Abbey in Mission, B.C. (fig. 1), and St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster, Saskatchewan (fig. 2). Although St. Peter’s is older—its foundation in 1903 makes it the oldest Benedictine monastery for men in Canada, as compared with Westminster Abbey’s 1939 foundation—its church was built later.
Article to be published in upcoming issue of American Benedictine Review. This item contains additional illustrations that cannot be accommodated within the review
Monastic architecture, Benedictine, Etienne Gaboury, Asbjorn Gathe