Coronavirus and Marianne Williamson: Teaching for Fear Management Education

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In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute
The author, an internationally recognized fearologist and educator of fear management/education, shares his ‘big story’ that he believes needs to be understood to make sense of the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) tragedy on planet earth. He argues that we can turn this crisis into a great learning opportunity—especially, as a means to finally upgrading the quality of our fear management/education everywhere and thus to improve and mature our fearuality. He introduces playfully, two characters that are key players in this ‘big story’: (1) Marianne Williamson, x-presidential hopeful in 2020 in U.S. politics and (2) Covid-19 itself. These are two great teachers available for our advancing our cultural evolution in a good way.
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Covid-19, coronavirus, fear management, fearuality, politics, Marianne Williamson
Fisher, R. M. (2020). "Coronavirus & Marianne Williamson: Teaching for fear management education" (Report no. 92). (pp. 1–15). Calgary, AB: In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute.