Career Preparation as a Student Wellness Issue: Considering the Relationship Between Career Development and Mental Health in Post-Secondary

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The inseparability of career development and mental health is particularly evident within the context of post-secondary. Higher learners, specifically those at the undergraduate level, are widely recognized as a population that struggles with career uncertainty and unique mental health concerns. This manuscript delves into the reciprocal relationship between career development and mental health among post-secondary students and recent graduates of bachelor degree programs, exploring the impacts on both academic and personal wellbeing. Informed by the results of a recent study into the relationship between career preparation and student wellness, the author offers recommendations for students and service providers within the academic environment to better support both the career and mental wellbeing of higher learners.
career development, mental health, student wellness, post-secondary
Dyrda, A. (2019). Career preparation as a student wellness issue: Considering the relationship between career development and mental health in post-secondary. Proceedings from the 2018 Canadian Counselling Psychology Conference, 32-40.