Social innovation on the ground: Accessible and evidence-based tools for social innovators

In keeping with the findings and recommendations of the research study, Social Innovation on the Ground: Accessible and Evidence-Based Tools for Social Innovators—in particular the awareness of the challenges and needs of people working on the front lines of social innovation—this resource was developed to help with the planning and development of social innovation. A learning module comprised of three units was created. The units are intended as appropriate for part of a college curriculum, as a continuing education course, as a professional development opportunity for innovation staff, or simply for individuals who are interested in learning the “how to” of social innovation. The three units are entitled: I. Building Effective Social Innovation Ideas II. Project Planning III. Successfully Communicating and Building Relationships. The contents of the units build upon findings from the research and seek to address its conclusions. Units were designed by members of the research team along with curriculum development experts from Bow Valley College’s Teaching & Learning Enhancement unit.
social innovation, project planning, social innovation facilitators, social innovation barriers, evidence-based tools