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Title: Syntactic theory and linguistic research
Authors: Guilfoyle, Eithne
Keywords: Linguistics;Syntax;Government-binding theory (Linguistics);Language acquisition
Issue Date: Jan-1994
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Guilfoyle, E. (1994). Syntactic theory and linguistic research. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 16(Winter), 25-30.
Abstract: I have recently started working with data from young language-disordered children, a population who have received very little consideration from linguistics as a whole, and almost none from those working in a generative framework. In what follows I will discuss a few issues within each of these three areas that most interest me, because they all bear on the central questions of how many syntactic categories there are in natural language, how they are combined, and how children acquire them.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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