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Title: Theory and research in phonology: a question of alternatives
Authors: Derwing, Bruce L
Keywords: Linguistics;Phonology;Science--Methodology;Logic;Objectivity
Issue Date: Jan-1994
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Derwing, B. L. (1994). Theory and research in phonology: a question of alternatives. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 16(Winter), 11-16.
Abstract: I've asked to go first because I wanted to open this discussion with some very general remarks about the relation between theory and research . In fact, what I propose to share with you is what I consider to be the most important lesson I've learned about research. I learned it many years ago, and oddly enough I didn't learn it from a linguist, philosopher, or scholar of any official strip. Actually, I learned it from a guy named Sherlock Holmes.
Description: Bruce L Derwing, University of Alberta
ISSN: 2371-2643
Appears in Collections:Volume 16, Winter 1994

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