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Title: Irritating Things
Authors: Francis-Poscente, Krista
Friesen, Sharon
Pasanen, Trevor
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Francis-Poscente, K., Friesen, S, & Pasanen, T. (2011) Irritating things, Delta-K: Journal of the Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers Association 49(1), 22-7.
Abstract: Beading with numbers can be an exciting way to engage children’s mathematical thinking and develop their proficiency with addition. In this paper, we will explore a hands-on problem, Irritating Things (GENA, 2009), which combines color coding with integers from 0-9, to create colourful beaded bracelets. In solving this problem, students will use logical thinking and addition to translate the numbers into beads. The patterns and relationships in this problem can be represented and described with words, tables, numbers and bracelets. The multiple representations will help students organize and communicate their ideas. By working with multiple representations, students will gain flexibility in their thinking and further develop their proficiency with addition. The problem has multiple solutions enabling them to experience numerous ways to solve a problem. Working with problems with multiple solutions and representations give students opportunities to discuss and learn each others’ problems solving strategies and solution. This may help them gain deeper understanding of addition, pattern and their own reasoning ability. Irritating Things easily lends itself to differentiated instruction, providing all students opportunities for success and challenges.
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