Audio-walks: Moving digital learning off-screen and into balance

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As an Indigenous scholar who teaches undergraduate and graduate-level Indigenous education courses, I often challenge myself to bring Indigenous pedagogy and practices, both theoretical and praxis-based, into my classes (see Louie et al., 2017; Poitras Pratt, 2020). In the context of what has been life-altering physical, emotional, and psychological challenges over the past several years, I have placed an increased focus on the collective wellbeing of students as a requisite priority. With public health restrictions as a factor in how and where we teach, educators and students alike have had to face not only hours of screentime but also any lingering anxieties they might have had in using digital technologies. In this vignette, I share my own attempt at bringing a greater sense of wellbeing and balance into my online teaching and learning spaces by introducing you to my emerging practice of audio-walks. My hope is that you will see how Indigenizing principles can support the use of digital technologies to achieve a more balanced learning environment.
Indigenous Education, Indigeneity, learning environment, virtual learning, wellbeing, self-care, audiowalk, audiobooks, wisdom, Indigenous Ways of Knowing, lifelong learning
Poitras Pratt, Y. (2022). Audio-walks: Moving digital learning off-screen and into balance (learning object). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.