Academic Integrity Lessons: Practical Ideas for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

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University of Calgary
Purpose: The purpose of this Open Educational Resource (OER) is to offer comprehensive lesson plans that focus on instilling skills and values related to academic integrity. The intended audience for this work is educators at elementary, secondary, and higher education levels. Methods: Contributors were invited to contribute lesson plans with a positive orientation to academic integrity, focusing on building skills and competencies, rather than focusing on consequences for committing academic misconduct. To maintain consistency and clarity, every lesson plan adheres to a standardized format. This format helps identify whether the target audience is elementary and secondary, higher education, or a combination of multiple educational levels. All lesson plans underwent open peer review by the editors and some included additional review by contributors to this edited collection. Results: This OER contains twenty-four (24) open-access lesson plans contributed by authors across four countries: Canada, the UK, Finland, and Qatar. There are five lessons specific to elementary or secondary levels, 13 for use in higher education, and another five which can be used or adapted at elementary, secondary or higher education levels. Implications: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonComercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This work may not be sold or used commercially. This work is freely and publicly available, downloadable, printable, and shareable. The editors and contributors have volunteered their knowledge, expertise, and time to contribute to this work. Language: English Additional Materials: Each lesson plan incorporates its respective references for further clarity and for citation purposes.
Open Educational Resource
academic integrity, academic misconduct, academic dishonesty, plagiarism, artificial intelligence, Open Educational Resource, OER, K-12, elementary, secondary, higher education, lesson plan, critical thinking