The Role of Intentional Equity and Care in Collective Transformation

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University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching
In education, change often comes to us either as a crisis "shock" (like COVID, or ChatGPT) or a slower "slide" (like the return to in-person teaching after many months of remote for many around the world). It is our responsibility as educators and educational institutions to "harness the shocks and direct the slides" (adrienne maree brown, 2017, p. 80). In this session, we explore the importance of centering equity and care in our approaches to addressing institutional change in order to create sustainable collective transformation that includes all stakeholders in the educational process, especially the most marginalized. We will discuss the micro-elements like relationships among teachers and their students, as well as the systemic elements and allyships that are necessary for our strategies to be truly transformative and cultivate socially just care.
teaching, equity, care, relationship, teacher, student