Mobilizing Open Educational Practices in Higher Education: A Plenary Discussion

The need for accessible, inclusive, and dynamic learning materials has become increasingly important for students and educators engaged in various modes of distance learning. In this plenary, four post-secondary educators from multiple disciplines discuss the Open Pedagogy Talks, a series of lightning talks focusing on open educational practices, pedagogy, and resources. The purpose of these talks was to create an accessible, virtual space for educators and students to engage in conversations about open educational practices (OEPs) and bring more awareness to opportunities to mobilize OEPs in diverse educational contexts. Using the Talks as a case study, panelists will share their strategies for mobilizing OEPS in different settings, learning contexts, and partnerships. Specifically, they focus on the importance of educator/student partnerships in advancing the use of OEPs in higher education to impact student learning by highlighting strategies for supporting these partnerships in OEP activities and initiatives. As a multi-institutional partnership, the Open Pedagogy Talks were designed to embrace the complexity and opportunity that OEPs bring to distance and in-person education. To mobilize OEPs in higher education, it is imperative that educators and students collaborate on initiatives that make OEPs more visible, accessible, and recognizable in diverse contexts. These interrelated considerations form a cyclical framework that can be taken up by staff, students, faculty, and other advocates and adapted for diverse contexts and needs. The panelists will discuss how they employed this model when they contributed to the development of the Open Pedagogy Talks, the lessons that they learned throughout the process, and strategies for increasing collaborations between students and educators in various settings.
Open educational practices, open education
Wright, A., Brown, B., Roberts, V., Hurrell, C., & Anselmo, L. (Oct 26, 2022). Mobilizing Open Educational Practices in Higher Education: A Plenary Discussion [Conference presentation]. Association for Educational Communications and Technology Conference, Las Vegas, NV, United States.